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Common Questions

What is a goerli faucet?

A goerli faucet is a website that gives you goerli ether for free so you can use it for whatever you need. Goerli is an ethereum testnet designed for developers and users to test applications before they are run in the main chain.

Is your goerli faucet not working?

If you've tried many faucets and they are all either depleted or abandoned, you're in luck. Because Big Goerli Faucet is always full. In fact we constantly add new goerli Eth to keep the faucet running smoothly. Plus we have an email that's responded in less than 1 hour and a live chat.

We guarantee that Big Goerli Faucet is always working.

If you have any issues you can send us an email to and we'll assist you right away to fix whatever issue you have with the help of a real person.

How can we afford to stay running and offer such a good service?

That's thanks to you! Because getting goerli is not easy, it takes time, effort and money to gather it. So we sell goerli ether in large quantities and re-invest the profits into getting more goerli and supporting the website with hosting costs, development costs and support costs.

So if you want the project to stay alive, buy goerli ETH and share it on twitter and telegram so people can enjoy some goerli too. Plus, we give the most free goerli compared to other faucets. Some nice gETH a day for free.

What is goerli ETH?

Goerli ETH is the test currency of Ethereum. There's ether in mainnet (the one that has value) and ether in testnet, the are multiple Ethereum test networks where Goerli is the main one with its own ether (that has no value).

In short, goerli is a testnet, a copy of Ethereum's blockchain where ether has no monetary value, used for developers and test purposes. Goerli eth is the currency used on the goerli testnet.

Why are you selling goerli eth?

There are few ways to get goerli eth. One of them is proof-of-work mining which requires a very powerful computer that works intensely consuming electricity to generate goerli. This is not a free task and it takes a lot of work to generate goerli.

That's why we sell it, so we can compensate for the cost required to provide you with goerli ether in big quantities.

What is a goerli authenticated faucet?

It's a faucet where you have to prove that you're a real person. In we use telegram. Simply join in, then follow the steps by completing the captcha and requesting the ether.

We understand that this is annoying, but it's one of the only ways we can do to protect our faucet from programs written to extract as much goerli as possible from the faucet. Many faucets have been victims to that.

What is a goerli PoW faucet?

A proof-of-work (PoW) faucet is one where you use your computer to generate goerli. It’s a very intensive process that uses the full potential of your computer to generate goerli ether. Usually very slow an inefficient. Most people choose to use faucets that instantly send them goerli to their wallets.

How to use this goerli faucet?

First input your ethereum address in the top bar and click on "Get Goerli ETH”. Then you’ll see a message to verify your address on telegram, this is to verify that you’re a real person and not a program designed to extract all the ether from the faucet.

Simply click on the button, join the entry group and click on start. A website will open up with a catpcha so you prove you’re a real human. Once you complete that, you’ll be able to join the final group which is once you’re inside, simply type “/address ” with your ethereum address.

You’ll then receive the gETH in a few seconds. You can then check your wallet to verify that you’re received the goerli eth. You can type “/address ” again after 24 hours to receive goerli the next day.

There’s no limit. You can repeat the process everyday. All we ask from you is to share the faucet by writing a tweet about how smooth the process went and sharing it with your best crypto developer friend to help us grow and serve more people. Thank you!

How much goerli ethereum can I get?

You can get free goerli everyday day. Or if you want more, you can pay the specified amount of dollars in crypto and get 10 goerli eth. If you want to become an ethereum validator and are learning how to setup everything, we recommend you the 32 eth option which is ideal to setting up your own validator before going in mainnet.

You can also buy 100 goerli eth so you never ever worry about goerli again. Alternatively, you can buy hundreds and thousands of goerli at the time by using the custom buy block which will show you the price immediately.

You’ll be able to pay in any cryptocurrency you want, including bitcoin since we’ve partnered with Coinbase Commerce to give you the most options when it comes to making payments.

We pride ourselves with having thousands of goerli at any given time so rest asured you’ll always get your goerli eth. If you don’t get it or have any errors along the way, simply contact us at or via the real-time chat to the right to get help by the founder itself.

What is a goerli faucet internal server error?

This is a common error that you find with many goerli faucets out there. It simply means the faucet is either broken because nobody is maintaining it or because it ran out of goerli.

Rest asured, Big Goerli Faucet will never run out of goerli eth because we’re always re-supplying it and are 24/7 available to maintain it working smoothly.

What’s the difference between goerli vs sepolia vs rinkeby?

Rinkeby has been deleted, while goerli and sepolia are the only ethereum testnets working and alive with the new updated proof-of-stake algorithm that ethereum has implemented.

Where goerli is the only token that you can use to setup an ethereum validator. Given this fact, many people are requing goerli ether. We’re one of the few and the most reliable faucet you’ll find for this testnet coin.

What’s the difference between Big Goerli Faucet and the goerli faucet by alchemy?

We have a slightly different process to verify users. We use telegram to verify that people are real and well, while alchemy is another blockchain company that requires users to be registered to their platform.

There’s no right or wrong approach to this and we wish Alchemy good luck in their blockchain endeavors!

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